Public Safety Diver

Public Safety Diving is a whole different ballgame. Prepare yourself for the rigors of emergency response diving through your choice of advanced courses.

If you are a member of a Public Safety Dive team, there are several options for you to develop your skills. Public Safety diving is very different from recreational diving and, due to the challenges of the diving environment, requires extreme competence as a diver.

Please call Diver’s World to talk about the overall training program suitable for your dive team: Many dive teams have their own training protocol. Full qualification as a certified Public Safety diver will, most likely, require completion of the ERD-1 and ERD Tender courses however, pursuing some of the following recreational specialties can help you be prepared for the challenges of those programs.

Please have your Dive Team Leader call us about team discounts for classes. (814) 459-3195

At a minimum, Diver’s World recommends that you take the following courses to help you prepare for ERD training. You may also choose to enroll in any of the other courses to further enhance your skills and knowledge.

What’s in it for you?

  • An opportunity to experience and learn in depth from several SDI specialties
  • Targeted learning tailored to your type of diving
  • Continued diver education, skills, and knowledge
  • Enroll in any four of the following courses and get a package discount from Diver’s World


Each of these specialties will help you develop and refine the skills that you must master in the ERD programs. Again, we encourage you to contact Diver’s World about the training requirements specific to your dive team. Enrollment in these courses will enhance your skills but may not qualify you as a Public Safety diver without further ERD training.

  • Focus on your diving skills and relax more.
  • Locate and recover lost items or underwater treasure.
  • Stay warmer longer and extend your season.
  • Dive safely and comfortably with a full face mask.


Additionally, choose any of the courses below to further enhance your skills and knowledge. Some of these courses will be more suitable for different response areas.

  • Learn proper boat etiquette, techniques, and knowledge.
  • Familiarize yourself with ocean current and river drift techniques.
  • Dive proficiently through surf and waves.
  • Explore the mysteries of the underwater world at night.
  • Improve your photography skills and knowledge.
  • Explore our frozen aquatic environment safely.
  • Prevent losing a dive due to an equipment malfunction

ERD Foundations Course

You may also want to explore our ERD Foundations course prior to enrolling in any ERD program. ERD Foundations is a preparatory clinic designed to get public safety divers and dive teams ready for the rigors of becoming an Emergency Response Diver. This clinic will establish your watermanship proficiency prior to enrolling in ERD-1.


*Only one course without dives may be credited towards the SDI Advanced Diver development program.