Privacy Policy

Our policy is quite simple: We value your safety and privacy.

1 – Diver’s World does not sell or otherwise use your personal information for gain.

2 – If you choose to enroll in a class with Diver’s World, you will be registered with our certification agency along with the Diver’s Alert Network. Please see their respective privacy policies if this concerns you.

3 – Diver’s World does not retain ANY credit card or other banking information.

Image result for internet privacy4 – We have no control over any other party involved in the world wide web including internet service providers, telecommunications companies, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, credit card processing companies, web hosting services (in our case GoDaddy), hackers or any other entity out there. Our advice is: assume that everything that you put on the internet is public because sooner or later it will be. If this concerns you then vote (in the primaries as well!) and write to your representatives about the FCC and SEC.