Tribal Rewards Loyalty Program

Enroll your scuba equipment in our Tribal Rewards program and get significant savings on a huge variety of services, clinics and workshops*: 

  • Air Fill discounts – up to 40%
  • Service Labor Discounts  – up to 40%
  • Service Parts Discounts – up to 40%
  • Computer battery changes  – up to 20%
  • Zen and the Art of Diving personal clinic series – save 50%
  • Computer Class – save 50%
  • Drysuit classes – save 50%
  • Underwater Photography course – save 50%
  • more!

Some of your Diver’s World purchases will automatically enroll that item in the Tribal Rewards program (new and used cylinders, regulators, BCDs, computers, cameras and drysuits).





*See store for policy and details. This webpage does not represent the entirety of the program and is not an offer.