Training Assistant

Do you think you are interested in teaching Scuba? Do you have a heart to help others? Just want to stay close to the sport and the latest developments?  Diver’s World’s Training Assistant course is right for you! By becoming a NAUI certified Training Assistant you will be able to assist new divers and Diver’s World Scuba Instructors with various tasks, skills and activities involved in Diver’s World training.


This course will qualify you in the skills and knowledge necessary to perform as a training assistant during diver training courses overseen by an active-status NAUI Instructor.

As a certified NAUI Training Assistant, you will be qualified to temporarily directly supervise students while an instructor conducts skills with other students; escort students on the surface or on underwater tours; and assist an active-status NAUI Instructor with other tasks, all under the direction of a NAUI instructor.

Compass navigation; underwater communications; assisting divers with cramps, anxiety, breathing difficulties, and signs of pre-panic; escorting a diver to safety; escorting divers during an open water dive; and performing a scuba diver rescue are just some of the techniques and skills you will learn during your course.

Call Diver’s World today to enroll (814)459-3195.

To enroll in a Training Assistant course, you must be at least 18 years old, have the training and experience equivalent to at least NAUI Advanced Scuba Diver, have certification in NAUI Scuba Rescue Diver or equivalent, and have current CPR and First Aid certifications. Don’t have the pre-reqs?… Give us a call. All of the requirements are available at Diver’s World including CPR and First Aid!

Click here to review our Medical History Questionnaire. Your safety is the most important thing to us: You may be asked to review your health with your family doctor just to be sure.


Your class fee will cover the costs of class, NAUI training materials, pool rental, your Instructors and Dive Master, and NAUI Training Assistant certification. Further, once certified by Diver’s World, you will receive FREE AIR FILLS any time you formally assist at a Diver’s World class or dive!

Student Provides

Students will need to provide all of their own equipment for training dives. Diver’s World has rental tanks, regs, BCDs and wetsuits if you do not own these items.

At this point in your diving experience you should have all of your own personal diving equipment and be very familiar with its operation and functionality.


You will have to demonstrate your basic scuba skills, compass navigation, as well as various rescue skills learned in the RSD course in one open water session. You will also have to satisfactorily act as an as escort during an open water dive for two other divers.

You will need to provide your own transportation, rental equipment, environmental suit and accommodations. Rental equipment is available through Diver’s World. Many of our local dives are within a couple of hours drive (or right here in our own Lake Erie or Presque Isle Bay) and classmates frequently arrange for travel together.

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