Snorkeling BSA (Boy Scout Patch)

The Snorkeling BSA requirements introduce Scout-age children and adult leaders to the special skills, equipment, and safety precautions associated with snorkeling; encourage the development of aquatics skills that promote fitness and recreation; and provide a foundation for those who later will participate in more advanced underwater activity.

The Snorkeling BSA program earns qualified scouts the Snorkeling BSA patch (this is not a BSA Badge program) available Scouts BSA members, Venturers, Sea Scouts, and Explorers, and adult leaders in these programs..

What you will learn

The Snorkeling BSA experience contains two parts— BSA swimmer test and the in-pool skills development.

  • The Buddy System
  • Fit and function of mask, snorkel, fins
  • Use of mask and snorkel in a variety of exercises
  • Use of fins in a variety of exercises
  • Communications
  • Surface Dives
  • Entry and exit techniques
  • Basic Survival Skills
  • some basics of physics in the diving environment

In order to participate in the Scuba BSA course at Diver’s World students must be a registered Boy Scout or Venture Scout 10 1/2 years or older. Students will be required to complete a BSA swimmer test at the start of the pool session.

All participants must complete and submit a short medical questionnaire at least two days prior to the start of the class (although not common, please note that depending on the results of your medical questionnaire, some students may be required to obtain a physicians release).

Snorkeling BSA will be scheduled as requested by interested Scout troops with a minimum class size of eight (8) participants (Boy Scouts, Venture Scouts and/or adults). Interested troops are requested to recruit at least eight participants and contact Diver’s World so that we can make the pool arrangements to best suit your troop’s needs. Diver’s World attempts to schedule out at least two months in advance for courses. Please notify us of your interest as soon as possible so that we can accommodate your budding divers.

Click here to review our Medical History Questionnaire. Your safety is the most important thing to us: You may be asked to review your health with your family doctor just to be sure.

Your class fee of $65 per participant will cover the costs of class, pool time, Snorkeling BSA patch, educational materials, your Instructors and Dive Master as well as use of the equipment (mask, fins, snorkels).

A deposit of $100 will hold the agreed upon scheduled date and payment is due in-full one week prior to the schedule date.

Scuba BSA participants will receive a 10% off coupon that may be used by the Scuba BSA student for mask, fins and snorkels purchases at Diver’s World. While not required for Scuba BSA, many students prefer to bring their own personal equipment.

Student Provides

Students only need to provide a bathing suit and towel. An environmental suit (wetsuit) is recommended although not required


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