Master Scuba Diver

There is no equal in the industry. Period.

The NAUI Master Diver program is an in depth study of the sport. From the underlying physics and physiology to the equipment and diving environment, come see why there is no industry equivalent.

course description

Gain the in-depth knowledge and experience that will distinguish you as a leader in any diving club or group. Thrill to the adventure of open-water dives in settings that will test skills and expand your diving capabilities and experience. Your success allows you to proudly carry the most coveted and respected certification card in recreational diving – the NAUI Master Scuba Diver card.

A NAUI Master Diver certification is a prerequisite for NAUI Leadership.

As long as you are 15 years or older, hold a NAUI Advanced Diver* certification and are in good physical condition, you can enroll in a Diver’s World Master Diver course.

Click here to review our Medical History Questionnaire. Your safety is the most important thing to us: You may be asked to review your health with your family doctor just to be sure.



*Students are required to have a NAUI Advanced Diver certification or equivalent certification from other WRSTC recognized agency. If you have only had PADI training, you may be asked to complete a basic skills review as well as a NAUI Rescue Diver course prior to enrollment. Please call for details.

The Diver’s World Master Scuba Diver course is extremely involved, consisting of a minimum of six 4-hour classroom sessions, a written test, a diving related project and eight open water dives (see Open Water tab).

Your class fee will cover the costs of classes, NAUI training materials, your Instructors and Dive Master.

Student Provides

Students will need to provide all of their own equipment for training dives. Diver’s World has rental tanks, regs, BCDs and wetsuits if you do not own these items.

At this point in your diving experience you should have all of your own personal diving equipment and be very familiar with its operation and functionality.

A minimum of eight open water dives is required. A maximum of three dives per day shall be applied toward course requirements. No more than one skin dive may count toward the eight dive minimum.

Required Dives:

  • Emergency procedures and rescue
  • Deep/simulated decompression diving
  • Limited visibility or night diving
  • Underwater navigation
  • Search and recovery – light salvage

Elective Dives:

  • Skin diving
  • Review of basic scuba skills
  • Environmental study or survey
  • Air consumption (practical application)
  • Boat diving
  • Shore diving
  • Hunting and collecting
  • Special interest

You will need to provide your own transportation, rental equipment, environmental suit and accommodations. Rental equipment is available through Diver’s World. Many of our local dives are within a couple of hours drive (or right here in our own Lake Erie or Presque Isle Bay) and classmates frequently arrange for travel together.

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