Air and Nitrox Fills

Certified clean and dry air is the most important piece of dive equipment you will invest in. Accept no alternatives to the best air from Diver’s World.

Our air is tested quarterly and certified to the highest Compressed Gas Association CGA E, NFPA 1500 standards to meet air safety, quality and dryness standards. With our five bank storage system we provide AIR FILLS WHILE YOU WAIT. We also are the area’s only Nitrox facility offering EAN32, EAN36 or custom blends.

Oxygen Cleaning

If you are using Nitrox, most facilities in this region will be utilizing partial-pressure blending which requires your cylinder and valve to be oxygen cleaned for safety. Diver’s World is the region’s leading authority on cylinder cleaning utilizing the Global Scuba Manufacturing series of cleaning products and processes.

airfill policies

  • Airfills may only be supplied to certified scuba divers. You must present your c-card.
  • All cylinders must have a current hydrostatic test stamp and visual inspection decal including either the certified facility and/or inspector number.
  • Cylinders used for gas mixtures other than air need to be properly cleaned and labeled including the certified technician’s number.
  • Cylinders will not be “overfilled” unless they have a current “+” hydro stamp


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