ERD Foundations

If you are a member of a Public Safety Dive Team or its Leader, Diver’s World can assist in getting you prepared in your role. Working in cooperation with Emergency Response Diving International (ERDI), we can provide solutions that work for your dive team.

ERD Foundations is a preparatory clinic designed to get public safety divers and dive teams ready for the rigors of becoming an Emergency Response Diver. This clinic will establish your watermanship proficiency prior to enrolling in ERD-1.

Skills introduced and mastered

  • 800 metre swim with mask, snorkel, and fins non-stop in less than 16 minutes.
  • 500 metre distance swim, nonstop, without the use of swim aids in less than 14 minutes.
  • 100 metre buddy tow in full scuba equipment in less than 4 minutes.
  • Survival float without aids, for 15 minutes; during the last 2 minutes the student will keep their hands above the waterline.
  • Basic Dive skills performed while neutrally buoyant (including mask skills, regulator retrieval, weight on/off, BCD on/off)

What’s in it for you and your team?

  • This clinic will significantly improve the efficiency of your dive time when you enroll in ERD-1. Divers who are not able to perform ERD watermanship skills may receive an Awareness certification but will have to complete the required skills to obtain Operations or Technician level certs.
  • Upon successful demonstration of ERD watermanship skills, graduates of ERD Foundations may enroll in ERD-1 within 12-months and will not have to repeat these skills.
  • Graduates of ERD Foundations can will receive a $100 discount off of their ERD-1 Course from Diver’s World.


Course Prerequisites:

  • Minimum age 18
  • SDI / NAUI Open Water Diver certification or equivalent

ERD Foundations is a non-certification pool clinic.

Your course fee includes:

  • ERDI Instructor(s)
  • Up to two 2-hour pool sessions with instruction (including cylinders).
  • One additional pool session without instruction (optional)

student provides

Students will need to provide all of their own scuba equipment. Diver’s World has rental regs, BCDs and wetsuits if you do not own these items.

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