Advanced Caribbean Diver

The certified diver looking to expand their experience, knowledge and skills suitable for travel diving around the globe.

If you see yourself as predominantly a travel diver exploring the warm waters of the Caribbean, Florida, or even the South Pacific, we have a suggested path of scuba skills development to help you achieve your goals. Let our experienced team of global diving experts guide you through some of the best training available so you can become a confident, skillful, and knowledgeable travel diver.

Take the two recommended courses below and then choose two others from your area of interest.

What’s in it for you?

  • An opportunity to experience and learn in depth from several SDI specialties
  • Targeted learning tailored to your type of diving
  • Continued diver education, skills, and knowledge
  • Enroll in any four of the following courses and get a package discount from Diver’s World


These two courses are strongly recommended for any travel diver. With a Nitrox Diver certification you will extend your bottom times and get much more overall dive time during your trip. Boat diving is prevalent for most reef diving destinations, and this course helps you navigate some of the finer points of diving from a boat.

  • Dive longer and safer. Learn why Nitrox is for you.
  • Learn proper boat etiquette, techniques, and knowledge.


Additionally, choose any two (or more!) of the courses below to further enhance your skills and knowledge. While all of these courses are enjoyable, there are some we would recommend over others depending on your destination. For example, Cozumel is know for its drift diving. If you wanted to dive Bonaire, we might suggest the Beach/Shore diving course. Call us to talk about your passions and we can help design the right package for you!

  • Focus on your diving skills and relax more.
  • Familiarize yourself with ocean current and river drift techniques.
  • Dive proficiently through surf and waves.
  • Explore the mysteries of the underwater world at night.
  • Fascinated by the mysteries of sunken ships?
  • Plan and make enjoyable deep dives.
  • Assist research into our regional marine history.
  • Help preserve our underwater world through knowledge and action.
  • Become a citizen scientist and contribute to research.
  • Improve your photography skills and knowledge.
  • Learn how it works and how to use it.


*Only one course without dives may be credited towards the SDI Advanced Diver development program.