Curacao 2025

January 25, 2025 – February 1, 2025 all-day

Join Diver’s World as we return to the ABC islands for a week of fantastic diving at LionsDive Beach Resort.

Find a wonderful assortment of scuba diving and snorkeling on Curaçao because of the diverse and healthy fringing reef system that surrounds the island. With generally calm waters and great visibility, you will encounter incredible biodiversity and an abundance of coral formations making it an ideal year-round environment for snorkelers and divers alike.

We will have five days of two-tank boat dives to world-class sites all along the south-eastern coastline of Curaçao that have been recognized as the best-preserved coral reefs in the entire Caribbean. You can also do unlimited shore diving with a magnificent house reef just a fin kicks from the beach.

With a daily breakfast to get you started, you can choose to eat lunch or dinner at one of several on-site restaurants and bars or travel into nearby Willemstad for your favorite international cuisines.

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