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Clean AND Dry... Here's Why:

At Diver’s World we take your safety and equipment seriously. Our air is certified quarterly to the Compressed Gas Association CGA E, NFPA 1500 standard for clean and dry air. Yea… so what’s all that mean and why do I care?

As you will recall from your Basic Scuba course, water vapor can lead to corrosion of the inside of your cylinder. At Diver’s World we will always be happy to do your annual visual inspections, we would prefer to not find any corrosion so that you get a long life out of your tank without added expense.

Furthermore, a compressor has to work a lot to provide you with that 3,000 lbs/in²: From pulling in ambient air through a high quality filter removing airborne dust and other contaminants to compressing that air in a highly complex mechanical system.  This isn’t your run-of-the-mill garage shop compressor. Our certification exceeds the CGA standard in parts per million of Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, water vapor, oil, and odor. 

We proudly display our quarterly inspection and you may ask to see it anytime. We recommend that you ask to see inspection results at any dive shop where you get a fill.  As a reminder for any fills that you get on a trip or elsewhere: any bad odor or  taste should be treated with suspicion. Also, when storing a tank for a longer period of time, remember to keep some pressure in the tank to avoid any moisture from entering.