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Let Diver's World help dispel some of those

Let Diver's World help dispel some of those

MYTH #1: Scuba Diving is a high risk sport.

Wrong!  Diving is an adventurous, outdoor leisure time activity.  Like many outdoor sports, Scuba Diving does present some inherent risks. However, according to Divers Alert Network (DAN) statistics, Scuba accidents are far less common than in such other outdoor activities as snowmobiling or skiing.  In fact, divers experience far fewer injuries that participants in most outdoor leisure activities.

MYTH #2: Athletes and powerful swimmers only. 

Scuba divers do need to feel comfortable in the water, and they do need to know how to swim, but more than that is unnecessary.  No need to be a competitive swimmer.  In fact, physically handicapped people are learning to Scuba dive.  Thanks to new equipment and modern training techniques, diving has become both easy and remarkably safe. Futher, Scuba Diving is a sport that many people enjoy well into their later years!

MYTH #3: Scuba diving is hard to learn.

Diving classes are fun.  The typical course lasts 32 hours and is broken into class, pool and openwater sessions.  The classroom activity teaches you the theory of diving so you will understand your equipment, your new environment and how your body functions in it.  The pool activities are designed to allow you to develop the proper behavioral competencies in a controlled environment.  After that you’re ready for openwater and the practical experience portion of the course. 

MYTH #4: Scuba diving is easy to learn.

Some resorts and certification agencies will lead you to believe that you can become a certified and competent diver in a couple of days or over the internet. You may be able to get a certificate that way but at Diver’s World we take you and your loved one’s safety seriously. This is precisely why we have chosen NAUI as our certification agency and why we will err on the conservative side when issuing c-cards. We are committed to giving you a good experience but we wish to train safe, competent and lifelong divers!


So LET’S GET WETCome and enjoy the fun today! Click here for more information or to sign up.


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