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Explore the history of Lake Erie!

Explore the history of Lake Erie!

With a variety of wrecks within the limits of recreational diving, Erie offers a great embarkation point for wreck diving in Lake Erie.

Operating out of Lampe Marina in Erie, PA, Lake Erie Adventure Charters (L.E.A.C.) will take you to any number of sites. Please contact Capt. Schaefer for all scheduling and pricing.

Lake Erie Adventure Charters
Call Capt. Peter Schaefer for reservations
(814) 882 – 7886
or visit the LEAC Website
email: peter5394@hotmail.com



Please note: All Lake Erie training charters must be booked with Diver’s World (check our calendar page for dates www.ScubaErie.com/calendar). All other  fun/non-training dives are booked directly with the Lake Erie Adventure Charters. No training credit will be given for Lake Erie dives not conducted through Diver’s World.






Lake Erie Adventure Charters, LLC is a completely independent charter operation and is in no way affiliated with Diver’s World of Erie, Inc.. Diver’s World is not liable for any activity whatsoever that is arranged independently with Lake Erie Adventure Charters, LLC.