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The Area's only NAUI Pro Platinum Dive Center

About Diver's World

About Diver's World

Welcome to Erie's Home

For Scuba Adventure and Aquatic Sports

Diver’s World is Erie’s premier full-service dive center in the heart of the city. Located on the corner of West 12th and Greengarden Blvd., we are just a 3 minute drive from Dobbins Landing and a 5 minute drive from Presque Isle State Park and the Tom Ridge Environmental Center. We offer all levels of diver training and a comprehensive range of diving equipment, rentals and service support. Since 1975, Diver’s World has built a family friendly reputation of trust and reliability in northwestern Pennsylvania.

Diver’s World is the area’s only NAUI Worldwide Pro Platinum Dive Center, the world’s most respected, largest non-profit diver training organization in the world. Whether beginner or advanced diver, we offer local dive trips customized to your certification and comfort level as well as trips to a variety of the world’s most treasured sites. Our Instructors are dedicated, experienced and passionate about diving. We know when you try this fast growing adventure sport, you will get hooked too!

In addition to our full line of scuba equipment, come in for your swimming, snorkeling, and triathlon needs year-round. We also carry a full line of travel neccessities to meet all of your global travel needs.

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  Diver’s World of Erie                                                 ph:  814.459.3195
 1111 Greengarden Blvd                                            info@scubaerie.com
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Meet our NAUI Diving Professionals

With over 90 years of combined experience, our Independent NAUI Instructors and Dive Masters are dedicated to the exciting sport of Scuba and helping you start or continue your adventure!

Linda Huston

Linda Huston -- NAUI Course Director, Instructor #10020L

Linda is our full time manager and Course Director at Diver’s World. Linda teaches our Teen Scuba program as well as Scuba Diver, Advanced, Master, and Sealife Photography and Reef Fish ID among many NAUI specialties. You will be inspired by Linda’s love of the sport and amazing underwater pictures! She was certified in 1974 by Howard Ring, the founder of Diver’s World, and has been instructing since 1987.

Larry Schaller

Larry Schaller -- NAUI Dive Instructor #11653

In 1980 Larry’s brother-in-law talked him into trying scuba diving. The brother-in-law then promptly moved away but Larry was hooked continuing on to become a NAUI instructor in 1989. Larry teaches our Eastside YMCA program on Sundays as well as Advanced, Wreck and Ice diving. Larry particularly enjoys hearing about the students’ experiences after they get certified and says “try it and see how easy and fun Scuba is!”. Larry is also the Erie area’s Boy Scouts of America Scuba Merit Badge counselor. 

Jim Zalas

Jim Zalas -- NAUI Dive Instructor #18754

Jim obtained a NAUI Scuba Diver certification in 1994 and became a NAUI instructor in 1996. Jim teaches our Scuba Diver course and NAUI specialty courses. One of his hobbies is photography; both above and below the water. Take the NAUI Underwater Photography Specialty course with Jim and he will teach you about underwater video, 35mm film camera and underwater digital photography! During the winter months Jim is a PSIA Ski Instructor at Peek ‘n Peak ski resort. His favorite dive location is Morehead City, North Carolina where he enjoys diving Naval Vessels sunk by German U-boats during WWII. Diving the German U-352 U-boat is one of his most memorable dives.

Gene Krahe

Gene Krahe -- NAUI Dive Instructor #18755

Gene was always intrigued by the underwater world.  He finally took the plunge in 1991 and became a certified diver along with his wife and still favorite dive buddy Karen.  After several specialty courses and becoming a certified training assistant, he wanted to help teach others to scuba dive. He became a NAUI scuba instructor in 1996 and still loves to see the smiles on the faces of new students as they breathe on scuba for the first time or experience their first open water dive.  His favorite diving is on the wrecks at the bottom of Lake Erie or off the coast of North Carolina. Gene teaches Scuba Diver, Advanced, Nitrox Diver and his favorite, Rescue Diver.

Matt Dickey

Matt Dickey -- NAUI Instructor Trainer, NAUI Dive Instructor #54435

Matt is owner of Diver’s World,  a certified NAUI Instructor and NAUI Instructor Trainer. He started his interest in diving while at the University of Kentucky in 1988. Matt became really involved in the sport after dropping into Diver’s World and meeting Bill Legler whose enthusiasm is infectious. He is an avid diver who enjoys learning about marine life and God’s fascinating underwater kingdom. Come join Matt on one of our exciting dive trips and you will also be hooked on our amazing marine biosphere. 

Matt Mead

Matt Mead -- NAUI Dive Instructor #54436

Matt started his scuba career in 2005 with his basic scuba course. He worked his way all the way through the NAUI training progression to achieve his NAUI Instrutor Certification. Matt teaches all of the NAUI courses including scuba, advanced, nitrox, rescue, master diver, first aid/cpr/O2 and dive master. Come join Matt on some of his favorite local dives like the Dean Richmond or on an exciting dive trip to San Salvador where Matt loves to spot sharks! For the beginner diver Matt says “Try it, you’ll love it. It’s like nothing else you’ll ever experience in your lifetime!”

Michael Moulton

Michael Moulton -- NAUI Instructor #56437

Michael is very involved with the diving community, he currently is a certified Aqua Lung and Apeks Service Technician and a NAUI Scuba Instructor. His favorite part about teaching scuba is everything! He enjoys all aspects of scuba; the science, the adventure, the people, and “the toys.” Michael has dived in some very interesting environments such as an underground mine and under ice; every dive is Michael’s favorite. Michael emphasizes that scuba is a sport with infinite opportunities, he is always learning and growing. “Jump in and get wet” is Michael’s motto for those interested in the sport



Ken Dias

Ken Dias -- NAUI Instructor #56491

An avid Lake Erie wreck diver, Ken has extended his dive skill and knowledge into the Naui Technical diving realm.



Ron 'Cheezy' Hunt

Ron 'Cheezy' Hunt -- NAUI Divemaster #D12894

Ron stared diving in 1993 and progressed up the NAUI leadership ladder to Diver Master. Ron is the Dive Master for our Eastside YMCA classes as well as a frequent DM for open water training dives and Diver’s World trips. Ron loves teaching and the interactions with students. He gets a lot of satisfaction from seeing new divers’ reactions when they complete their open water dives. A frequent travel diver, you may want to talk with him about his favorite places. He says “the wall diving at Bonaire and Curacao are my favorites. Day or night!”. Come join Ron in the discovery of a new look at our planet.

Richard 'Scooby' Adam

Richard 'Scooby' Adam -- NAUI Divemaster #43335

Scooby started diving in 1995 and took all classes until dive master in 2004. Scoob helps out in many of our Scuba Diver classes along with the Ice Specialty and Dive Rescue along with anywhere he’s needed. His favorite diving spot is Bar Harbor, Maine but he is always looking for new spots to get wet in. He loves it when he can help a student with  a problem and resove it before certification.  Come and let Scooby show you the wonderful world of Scuba!

Peter Schaefer

Peter Schaefer -- NAUI Divemaster #56425

Pete became involved with diving in 2012 and currently holds certifications in Rescue, First Aid/CPR, Nitrox, and most recently, Divemaster. Not only is Pete extremely invested in the scuba sport, but he also is the Captain for Lake Erie Adventure Charters out of Erie, PA. Pete’s favorite part about teaching scuba is the excitement of watching new divers. His favorite dives are wreck dives but he enjoys diving anywhere. Everything about the sport keeps Pete excited and interested. If someone were to be interested in scuba, Pete would reply with “Do it!”

Jeremy Bannister

Jeremy Bannister -- NAUI Divemaster #56469

Jeremy started diving in 2001, he currently holds certifications in Nitrox, Deep, Photography, Rescue, and most recently became a Divemaster. His favorite dives include ship wrecks, North Carolina, and diving with sharks! His favorite part about scuba is everything! Learning scuba is the single most life changing decision Jeremy has ever made. If it were possible, Jeremy would live underwater. While diving Jeremy enjoys photographing and video recording his trips, check out his videos on YouTube; Jeremy Bannister! Traveling to old and/or new diving destinations keeps Jeremy always excited about the sport. Jeremy advises those interested in scuba that it will change one’s life, he quotes “you will enter an alien world and forever be impacted by it.”

Robert 'Bob' Noel

Robert 'Bob' Noel -- NAUI Divemaster #58400

We are pleased to add Bob to our Diver’s World staff! Bob is a long time diver and scuba enthusiast. He started diving in 1996 and has been pursuing his role as a NAUI Leader ever since. If you have ever had the opportunity to dive with Bob you know about his passion and generosity! Bob thinks the best part about diving is making new friends from all over the world who share his same passion. “I really enjoy helping new students into the sport of diving”.  Bob’s favorite place to dive is in the Philippines … come join him as he keeps exploring for something even better!

Joe Snyder

Joe Snyder -- NAUI Dive Master #58444

Joe has been diving since 1999, very actively since 2010. He loves diving anywhere in Florida and throughout the Caribbean, traveling frequently with his family all of whom are certified divers as well. He is an avid underwater photographer and enjoys sharing both knowledge and finished products with anyone in the sport.  He joined the Divers World staff in 2016 and enjoys working with every one of the professional instructors on staff as well as with interacting with students.

Matt Costello

Matt Costello -- Aqualung Certified Master Technician

Along with being a great diver and training assistant, Matt Costello is the area’s only Aqualung Certified Master Technician.

Mady Crist

Mady Crist -- Sales Associate/ NAUI Master Diver

Mady is a student at Collegiate Academy. She wants to pursue Marine Biology and Dive Technologies at Texas A&M after graduation.  Mady began diving in 2013 and gained her Master Diver certification in 2015.  She encourages everyone to join the dive community and go on trips with the shop!

Emily Anderson

Emily Anderson -- Sales Associate / NAUI Scuba Diver

Emily is a student at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, where she is studying Earth Science.  She began diving in 2015.

In addition to our NAUI Certified Instructors and Dive Masters, you will encounter some other great Certified Teaching Assistants who will make your Scuba learning experience fun and enjoyable!

Have you ever thought about helping or teaching? We are always looking for fun-loving people with a teaching spirit who want to pass along their love for the sport. Give us a call to talk about opportunities!



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