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NAUI Technical Diving

NAUI Technical Diving

Is technical diving for you? NAUI Technical Courses are designed for divers whose interests include diving beyond traditional recreational limits and specific areas of technical diving. Accordingly, technical diving courses are designed to provide more detailed training than specialty diver courses, and result in more extensive qualifications.

NAUI was the first training agency to certify all levels of diving ranging from traditional recreational training through all levels of technical training. Technical diving is a potentially dangerous activity that requires very special training, equipment and support. NAUI Technical Instructors are trained to not only qualify you for your dive objective, but also to give you a healthy respect for the technical diving environment.

Below are just some of the NAUI Technical Courses available. Check the NAUI Tech website for details on these course and be sure to ask  Diver’s World about previous training or experience you may need and get ready to enter the unique world of Technical Diving!


  • Cave Diver (Levels I, II and III)
  • Cavern Diver
  • Decompression Technique
  • Heliair Diver
  • Helitrox Diver
  • Ice Diver
  • Intro to Tech
  • Mixed Gas Blender and O2 Service Tech
  • Technical Nitrox Diver
  • Technical Support Leader
  • Technical Wreck Penetration Diver
  • Tri-Mix Diver (Levels I and II)
  • Wreck Penetration Diver


Check our calendar for upcoming classes or call us to talk about your continuing Scuba interests!