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Upcoming Classes

  • NAUI Scuba Diver

    Diver's World/ Prep

    Tue, Sep 4th

    Tuesdays for 6 weeks


    DW / Prep Aquatics Center

    Sun, Sep 9th

    Sundays for 5 weeks

  • NITROX Diver

    @ Diver's World

    Wed, Sep 5th

    6pm - 10pm

  • Deep Specialty

    @ Diver's World

    Mon, Sep 10th

    9am to 3pm

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Get your dive on!

You don’t need to wait for summer to get yourself ready for the season. Join us for our “Zen and the Art of Diving” clinics, come to the pool for a refresher or enroll in your next level of instruction. Advanced, Nitrox, Master and other courses are forming now.

We will close early at 3:30pm on Wednesday, April 11th and 18th

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Philippines 2018

This is it!

A dive adventure of a lifetime. Mandarin fish, nudibranches, cuttlefish, mantis shrimp… great food, great diving and memories forever.

Come join a select group of divers for this 10 day adventure in the Philippines.

Details: please call


Stohlquist WaterWare

Whether you are a recreational kayaker, whitewater expert or need something for your family’s safety while sailing, Stohlquist has you covered.

Staying with our philosophy of offering the best in the industry, Diver’s World is now a full-line Stohlquist dealer.


Saba 2019

Come join us on this exclusive and exotic adventure to the tiny island of Saba. Over thirty dive sites circle the island and have been protected since 1987 with the establishment of the Saba Marine Park.

If you are up for an adventure, please call for more information!


Trip Insurance through DAN

No one can plan for accidents, weather or emergencies so that is why Trip Insurance is a good option. Now you can get great coverage through the Diver’s Alert Network (DAN)… the same people who you trust with your Dive Insurance.

Click here to get an instant online quote: DAN Trip Insurance


Aqualung Partner Center

Diver’s World is pleased to have been selected as an Aqualung Partner Center. Aqualung’s extensive selection process ensures that you receive the highest quality products, support and instruction available in the industry including:

• Up-to-date and well-maintained rental equipment
• Inspected and tested cylinders and valves
• Factory trained repair technicians who can service Aqua Lung equipment
• A friendly and qualified staff that will make your dive experience memorable


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Extend your dive times!

Is there any diver who doesn’t want to dive longer, have shorter surface intervals or feel less fatigued* after each dive?!

Learn what all the fuss it about!

Take a NAUI Nitrox Course at Diver’s World.

*many divers claim to feel less fatigued after diving Nitrox instead of air although the science behind such claims has not been researched.


Are You Eating Sustainably?

There is a great article in September’s Alert Diver magazine about keeping our seafood on our plates sustainably. Not only that but some nifty apps are available from the Monterrey Bay Aquarium for your iPhone or Android phone.

Click here for more details and to help sustain our beautiful ocean environment!

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