Scuba Diver – Exec Weekend Course

August 9, 2018 @ 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
DIver's World
1111 Greengarden Blvd
Erie, PA 16501
please call to register
814 459 3195

Executive Weekend Course

Finish in two weekends! This course is specifically designed for those who want to finish quickly and have weekends free.

Restrictions Apply including students must be strong swimmers, comfortable in the water and preferably have previous snorkeling and/or discover scuba experience. Limited class size. Please call us about the details.

Two Consecutive Weekends

  • Friday, Aug 9    6pm to 10pm
  • Sat, Aug 10 9am to 3pm
  • Sun, Aug 11  9am to 3pm
  • Friday, Aug 23   6pm to 10pm
  • Sat, Aug 24 8:30am to noon
  • Sun, Aug 25 8:30am to noon

For more details: Weekend Course