COVID-19 Service

Special Service Notice

In these unprecedented times we want to let you know about additional cleaning protocols that we have instituted for all equipment being serviced here at Diver’s World.

All equipment being serviced is subjected to ADDITIONAL cleaning and sanitizing beyond what is prescribed by the  manufacturer’s routine service procedure. Including:

  • Regulators, instruments, dive computers and cylinders: Rinse in an antiseptic solution BEFORE and AFTER being serviced.
  • BCDs: cleaning inside and out with antibacterial BCD wash from 500psi and antiseptic wipe down of oral inflator.

Here is a statement from the Diver’s Alert Network regarding equipment care: DAN on equipment disinfecting.

We also ask that customers join our staff in observing the following precautions:

  • Proper and frequent hand washing
  • Covering coughing and sneezing with an elbow or shoulder
  • Maintaining distance from other people in social situations

For more details about how our operation is adapting to the COVID-19 please see our General COVID-19 Notice