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Do you have what it takes?

Do you have what it takes?

(well.. it doesn't take that much other than wanting to have some fun!)

Come join the fun with the Blue Dolphins and expand your underwater skills!

This event will challenge buddy  teams of two divers to complete some fun underwater activities. The activities are designed to enhance your skills, learn something new, raise a few bucks for the Blue Dolphin Skin Divers Junior Diver Scholarship fund and, most importantly, to get some fun bubble time!

PICT0042This year’s event will be hosted at the Cathedral Prep Aquatics Center pool on Saturday, February 24, 2018, from 1:00pm until about 4:00.

Open to ALL scuba divers regardless of skill level or affiliations. Friends and family are welcome to attend and cheer everyone on. Non-competing divers are allowed (encouraged!) to observe the teams underwater (on snorkel and/or scuba) so bring your own equipment and join in the fun!

You and your buddy will be challenged with some new ideas that will only be revealed on the day of the event. Some of our past challenges have included:

Picture1 copyBasic Scuba Skills
Can you navigate through a hoop? Try to get through it without touching anything.

   dive flag small  Buoyancy control, trim, & finning skills


Picture2 copyUnderwater Problem Solving
Use your grey matter to solve a simple underwater puzzle.

    dive flag small  Reasoning, communication, & dexterity


Picture3 copyLift Bag
Have you ever used a lift bag? Now is your chance! Relocate an object underwater utilizing only the lift bag.

    dive flag small  Communication, control, & team building


Sound simple? Maybe… but you have to compete to have a valid opinion about it! Otherwise its just idle boasting!  ;)


Call to sign your team up!

Get your dive buddy, come up with a team name and call Diver’s World to enter today. The team entry fee is $20 and you will need to provide all of your own equipment (including air). If you want to rent a tank from Diver’s World, we would be happy to transport it to the pool for you.

We will also have a TRY SCUBA event for anyone who wants to get in the water and try scuba out (there is a small donation requested for try scuba).