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Equipment Service

Equipment Service

OEM Authorized Service Center

Quality and Experience you can Trust

Here at Diver’s World we are your ONE STOP SHOP for all your equipment servicing needs. Ourcert comprehensive service support and Aqualung Certified Master Technician Matt Costello provides you with the confidence of years of product knowledge and OEM repair quality at cost effective equipment servicing prices.

Our air is tested quarterly and certified to the highest Compressed Gas Association CGA E, NFPA 1500 standards to meet air safety, quality and dryness standards. With our five bank storage system we provide AIR FILLS WHILE YOU WAIT. We also are the area’s only Nitrox facility offering EAN 32%, EAN 36% or custom blends.

We also offer compressed air for other sport needs including paintball air fills. Call Diver’s World for latest pricing.


The most important care for your regulator is a fresh water rinse as soon as possible after use. Salt crystals, mineral deposits and/or pool chemicals can do alot of damage to the precision parts inside your reg. 

Regulators require an annual service by a trained technician. Every two years your regulator should be overhauled to maintain you factory warranty and ensure safe and proper operation.

We offer a 3 to 5 day turn around for annual service/overhaul. We are an authorized Aqualung facility and, for other brands, we can advise you on service options.

Buoyancy Control Devices (BCD)

You should rinse your BCD’s thoroughly with fresh water after each use both inside and out. Failure to keep your BCD clean may result in the formation of salt crystals and/or mold. Run fresh water into the BCD and drain it thoroughly (including the inflator hose). Store your BCD with a little air in to to prevent the bladder from sticking together. 

We service SeaQuest, Apeks,  and Aqualung BCDs and can help with just about any others.

Dive Computers

Dive computers should be soaked, thoroughly rinsed with fresh water, and then dried with a soft towel after each dive. Make sure that all salt crystals and sand particles have been flushed out. Check the display and the transparent battery compartment cover for possible moisture or water.

NEVER try to open the case of the dive computer. At Diver’s World we can change your batteries and conduct integrity tests on Suunto Computers. For other work, we send dive computers to the manufacturers main service centers for full servicing. The return time can be between 2 to 4 weeks.

Dive Tanks / Cylinders

Tanks should be handled carefully to avoid external damages. Never allow your tank to sit completely drained of air as this may lead to condensation inside which can cause corrosion. Bring your tanks into Diver’s World for:

  • Hydrostatic Inspection- Due every five years.
  • Visual Inspections- Due annually at the beginning of the month as punched on the visual inspection label.


At Diver’s World we care about you and your diving needs. Our experienced staff can help resolve problems quickly; getting you back to diving while minimizing expense. Do not hesitate to call or meet us at the shop.

To schedule your equipment servicing needs, call Diver’s World at 814-459-3195. Or email us at service@scubaerie.com.

You can visit us in the Greengarden Plaza… just look for the Diver Down flag! 1533 West 8th Street Erie, PA.