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Erie Dive Connections

Erie Dive Connections

Share Your Passion

And Make Some Friends!

Looking to get connected with local diving? We have assembled the best resources, directions and ideas to help you get started. We recommend:


1)     Come into our store and see Erie Dive Connections Central where you can connect directly with other enthusiasts. Schedule dives, trade stories…

2)     Become a member of the Blue Dolphins dive club where you can socialize and get names and numbers for people who share your passion for getting wet (some of whom have boats!)

3)     Check our calendar for upcoming dives organized by Diver’s World

4)     Follow the links below for other ideas


Local Dive Sites

Below we have provided a Google Maps link as well as specific details like costs, special instructions, GPS coordinates and interesting facts about each one of the sites in the pdf documents. We recommend that you put your home address into the Google Maps link and then print both the Google Map directions and the Diver’s World pdf so that you have all the facts for your dive. 

Dive Site
Diver's World
  Dobbins Landing 3 mi mi directions N/A

Various sites are used by Diver’s World around the bay. Make sure that you call to meet up at the right time and place.

  Presque Isle State Park 3 mi directions N/A

There is a lot of great diving directly accessible from the shores of our beautiful Presque Isle. Divers must be certified and must register at the park office and receive information on waters open for diving.

  Lake Erie Adventure Charters 10 mi mi directions pdf

Diver’s World is proud to work with Lake Erie Adventure Charters to offer boat charters on Lake Erie including many of our famous Lake Erie wrecks. Diver’s World coordinates several charters that can be found on our Calendar page.

  Lake Pleasant 16 mi directions pdf

Commonly used for certification diving, Lake Pleasant is close to home. A permit is required to dive at Lake Pleasant so please contact the shop before diving here.

  Freeport Beach, North East 19 mi directions pdf

Freeport Beach in North East PA is a great community park and beach with a very easy shore entry and shallow depth. Enjoy good visibility due to the rocky bottom.

  Raccoon Park 25 mi directions pdf

Diver’s World will frequently schedule night dives into Lake Erie from Raccoon Park in Lake City. Come catch one of our renowned Lake Erie sunsets and see if you can find the wreck just off-shore.

  Osprey Dive Charters 32 mi directions N/A

Charters to some of the most interesting wrecks on Lake Erie. Osprey Dive Charters has been running charters out of Barcelona, NY for over 14 years. Join Capt. Mike Cochrane aboard the Southwind for some world class diving! (please note: Most of these charters are deep and should only be attempted by qualified divers with advanced certifications. Ask Diver’s World about our Deep Certification)

  Something Catchy Charters 35 mi directions pdf

Diver’s World works with Something Catchy Charters out of Conneaut Harbor, OH. This gives us access to many of the wrecks west of the Peninsula and in Eastern Ohio.

  Two Mile Run County Park 67 mi directions pdf

A beautiful park north of Oil City with 2,695 acres of forest and field surrounding the 144 acre Justus Lake. You must register at the park office and sign a waiver to dive here.

  Dinardo’s Quarry 75 mi directions N/A

A great local gem for training and fun dives. In addition to sunken boats and other objects, you can see fresh water jelly fish. Out of respect for the family that owns this Quarry, we do not list details on the web. Please come into Diver’s World for a details on how to get to Dinardo’s (Denardo’s) for a scheduled dive.

  Kinzua Beach 91 mi directions N/A

Come and join Diver’s World at this beautiful State park.

  Nelson's Ledges Quarry Park 100 mi directions N/A

All divers must sign a release form at the gate. $4 daily admission fee. No glass bottles on the ground. Please drive and dive safely.

  Niagara River 110 mi directions pdf

Our Niagara River drift dives are some of our most requested and attended dives. A great dive for your Advanced or Master’s certification! We meet at the Burger King on Grand Island so call for details on time if you are driving yourself.

Check out this video from Dive Master Jeremy Bannister, NAUI #56469

  Sherkston Quarry, Ont. 122 mi directions N/A

A really great park and fun diving adventure with many things to see including abandoned locomotives from when this was an active quarry for the buildings of Toronto and Buffalo. Admission is $8 per diver and you must bring your c-card and dive log. Call ahead and make camping reservations and enjoy the fun!

  Finger Lakes NY 200 mi directions N/A

  Gilboa Quarry 247 mi directions N/A

Gilboa Quarry is a 14+ acre limestone quarry, located in Northwest Ohio. There are wooded campgrounds encompassing over half the quarry’s perimeter. Gilboa Quarry is a great location for diving and dive training. The quarry provides two distinct personalities: the shallow side at 5 – 65 ft provides great recreational enjoyment, while the deep side of the quarry with depths of 130 plus ft is suitable for technical training.

Do you know of a great local diving gem? Discover a new site that you wish to share? Please send us a note or give us a call and we would be pleased to add your dive site to our list.

With a variety of wrecks within the limits of recreational diving, Erie offers a great embarkation point for wreck diving in Lake Erie.

Operating out of Lampe Marina in Erie, PA, Lake Erie Adventure Charters (L.E.A.C.) will take you to any number of sites. Please contact Capt. Schaefer for all scheduling and pricing.

Lake Erie Adventure Charters
Call Capt. Peter Schaefer for reservations
(814) 882 – 7886
or visit the LEAC Website
email: peter5394@hotmail.com



Please note: All Lake Erie training charters must be booked with Diver’s World (check our calendar page for dates www.ScubaErie.com/calendar). All other  fun/non-training dives are booked directly with the Lake Erie Adventure Charters. No training credit will be given for Lake Erie dives not conducted through Diver’s World.






Lake Erie Adventure Charters, LLC is a completely independent charter operation and is in no way affiliated with Diver’s World of Erie, Inc.. Diver’s World is not liable for any activity whatsoever that is arranged independently with Lake Erie Adventure Charters, LLC.