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Are You Eating Sustainably?

Are You Eating Sustainably?



Here is an exerpt from a fantastic article from DAN’s Alert Diver Magazine (full article here).

“Divers are probably more connected to the wonders in the oceans than most people. Those who have been diving the same sites for any length of time have seen the changes firsthand. Overfishing, excessive collecting, pollution, habitat damage and changing environmental conditions all are having an impact on ocean ecosystems.”

“It’s not too late to turn the tide. There’s something all of us can do — and it’s easy (especially if you like to eat seafood). By making conscious individual choices when ordering seafood, a huge collective difference can be made.

Education about what is sustainable and what is not is key to knowing what choices to make, and there are several resources available to provide ready access to the information. One of the leaders in the fight for sustainable seafood, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, has been putting the “Best Choices” guide in people’s wallets since 1999. The Seafood Watch pocket guides are tailored to each region of the United States to provide information about locally available choices, and there is a national sushi guide with the English and Japanese names of popular types of sushi.”

Are You Eating Sustainably?


Click here for the full article in Alert Diver Magazine from DAN.

Click here for the apps available from the Monterry Bay Aquarium.