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NAUI Dive Master

NAUI Dive Master

Would you like to lead dives and dive trips; take certified divers on vacations to the world’s best dive sites? Many Divemasters are employed full-time or work independently supervising certified divers during club, store, resort or charter tour and travel activities. As a NAUI Divemaster you enjoy again and again adventures to which you introduce your clients. Another option leading to NAUI Instructor qualification.

What You Will Learn

The NAUI Divemaster rating is the highest NAUI leadership-level certification with the exception of Instructor. The program is designed to train experienced and knowledgeable divers to organize and conduct enjoyable open water dives for certified divers.

  • An active-status NAUI Divemaster is qualified to organize and conduct dives for certified divers if the diving activities and locale approximate those in which the Divemaster is trained. Additional training, knowledge or experience is necessary for the Divemaster who desires to organize highly specialized activities, such as wreck penetration, cavern or ice dives or enter a new locale.
  • An active-status NAUI Divemaster is qualified to organize and conduct NAUI Recognition (such as International Diver) and Experience Programs (such as Stingray Experience) and award appropriate recognition materials to participants.
  • An active-status NAUI Divemaster is qualified to assist an active-status NAUI Instructor in diving courses.
  • If all other prerequisites are met, a current NAUI Divemaster is qualified to enter a NAUI Instructor Training Course (ITC). [Attending a NAUI Instructor Preparatory Program (PREP) and NAUI Assistant Instructor certification are recommended prior to attending an ITC.]

Whats Involved?

At Diver’s World, your Divemaster course will put you into the Leadership aspects of teaching and leading scuba divers. You will have over 20 hours of classroom education, over 10 hours of pool work and minimum of 10 open water dives. In addition to the scheduled class time, you may be required to spend time researching dive sites, organizing dive events and generally preparing for dive briefings and activities. If you have had fun with your other scuba educational experiences with Diver’s World, DM will be a blast!

How Do I Get Started?

General – Meet the requirements applying to all Leadership courses. (See “Policies Applying to Leadership Courses.”)

Materials – (See current guide to NAUI membership.)

Diver Certification – The preferred minimum certification level is NAUI Assistant Instructor. Individuals not possessing the preferred certification may be accepted for training only if they meet the following criteria:

  • Certification – Certification as NAUI Master Scuba Diver and NAUI Scuba Rescue Diver or their equivalent. Divers with evidence of equivalent training and experience may be enrolled provided they pass the NAUI Master Scuba Diver written examination with a minimum score of 75%.
  • Experience – Documentation of diving experience with a minimum of 60 logged open water dives. Dives shall be varied in environment, depth and activities.
  • Waterskills – Ability equivalent to that of a NAUI Assistant Instructor. Skills from the Assistant Instructor standards shall be evaluated if the candidate is not already certified as a NAUI Assistant Instructor

What’s Provided

Your class fee will cover the costs of class, NAUI training materials, your Instructors and Dive Master.

Training Dives

A combination of diving and divemastering for a total of ten (10) open water dives under the direct supervision of a NAUI Course Director.

These dives will be coordinated with the Diver’s World staff as they will require an involved evaluation to assess both knowledge and your ability to apply it in a real-world environment. 

You will need to provide your own transportation, rental equipment, environmental suit and accommodations. Rental equipment is available through Diver’s World. Many of our local dives are within a couple of hours drive (or right here in our own Lake Erie or Presque Isle Bay) and classmates frequently arrange for travel together.

What’s Next?

You are now certified to act as a NAUI DM and help educate future divers here at Diver’s World or travel the world and lead dives!

Even though you will be a Certified NAUI DM, you may still extend your knowledge and experience in the sport of Scuba Diving with the vast variety of Speciality courses available at Diver’s World. The final level of education is becoming a NAUI Dive Instructor. Diver’s World has the only certified Course Directors in the area and we are always looking for new people who want to help teach scuba! Call us today to see about job opportunities in Scuba.




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