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Advanced Scuba Diver

Advanced Scuba Diver

Apply your scuba skills as you explore new dive sites and activities under the supervision and training of your NAUI Instructor. Learn which diving specialties interest you, and what type of diving you enjoy most. Gain more confidence and capability. Begin to consider the direction diving will take you, as you go for everything it has to offer.

The Advanced Scuba Diver course is an enjoyable certification course for 12-year-old (or older) certified divers who desire additional training, have moved from one diving area to another and desire local orientation, do not have, but wish to obtain, NAUI certification, or who desire orientation to a variety of diving sites and conditions.

What You Will Learn

Your instructor will teach you about dive equipment, the science of diving, responsible diving practices and the environment. You will also learn many skills in the water with practice time for your safety and comfort, and complete your training with a minimum of six open water dives.

What’s Involved?

Advanced Scuba Diver is a 4-hour course of class room instruction right here at Diver’s World followed by a written test. You will then demonstrate your new skills by executing a series of dives (see training dives below). As always, you can count on the staff of Diver’s World to make your learning experience interesting and fun!

How Do You Get Started?

As long as you are 12 years or older and in good physical condition, you can enroll in a Diver’s World Advanced Scuba Diver course. You will have to have an Open Water Scuba Diver C-Card.

Required Equipment

There is no pool time for the Advanced class so will need to provide (or rent) all of your own equipment for your training dives. Diver’s World has rentals for all of you needs. If you are interested in pursuing this exciting sport further, you may want to explore an environmental suit and dive computer at this stage. Come in to see our wide selection of the best names in scuba gear at Diver’s World.

What’s Provided

Your class fee will cover the costs of class, NAUI training materials, your Instructors and Dive Master.

Training Dives

As part of your certification, you will complete a minimum of six open water dives including three separate dives for navigation, night or low visibility diving and deep diving (130 feet/40 meters maximum depth), plus three different dives. Some of the many different dives you can do include:

•Search and recovery
•Boat diving
•Light salvage
•Hunting and collecting
•Exploration and underwater mapping
•Wreck diving (non-penetration)
•Observation and data collection
•Diving in surf or currents
•Altitude diving
•Salt water diving (in areas where most diving is in fresh water)
•Fresh water diving (in areas where most diving is in salt water)
•Shore diving
•Diving for photos or video
•Using dive computers

You will need to provide your own transportation, rental equipment, environmental suit and accommodations. Rental equipment is available through Diver’s World. Many of our local dives are within a couple of hours drive (or right here in our own Lake Erie or Presque Isle Bay) and classmates frequently arrange for travel together.

What’s Next?

Diver’s World offers a variety of specialty courses to enhance your diving experience. You may want to extend you knowledge with a Rescue Scuba Diver course or even move forward with Master Diver. Come into Diver’s World and schedule some fun dives and talk with our staff about your interests with the sport.